Activity Photos

St. Louis Mini Journey  April 9-12, 2024

Harry Hoyt Summary: Lois and I had a wonderful experience as guests of Jim Rizzi during the FFSL journey, starting with a delicious salmon dinner he prepared the first night. He took us to the many wonderful and historic places on the Journey schedule. He further enriched our visit by showing us other unique places that were not on the schedule. This provided us with a view of St Louis today and of an era gone by.

I enjoy photography. The visit presented me with magnificent images just begging to be digitally documented. Chief places for these images were:

1. Union station, especially the Grand Hall,

2. The Campbell House Museum,

3. The Catholic Basilica of Saint Louis

4. The Missouri Botanical Garden with its own special art in the form of many varieties of plant life.

I found the Ferris Wheel and the Butterfly House were welcome environments to relax in the company of others on the journey.

I enjoy photography and usually take a camera when on a trip. My practice has been to create a pictorial journal with those photos. I have done that with this visit to FFSL and have placed the resulting journal in the cloud with a link to it. I have pasted the link below. I think the easiest way to use it is to copy it and paste it into your browser. You can let me know if there are errors in the narratives that should be edited.

5th at 5 April - A Walk Along The Bike Path

6 members enjoyed a refreshing nature walk along  Devil's Glen Parkway.   Afterwards, we went to Culver's for dinner where 3 other members joined us. 

5th at 5 March- an Irish Theme

15 people attended this Irish themed night!  Trish had games, food, and prizes!  Diane B. had a decorating cookie station and brought punch!  Barb was the emcee.  The games included:  trivia, word scramble, and drawing a leprochan!  Everyone was given green necklaces to wear!  Everyone had a mighty fine time!! 

Tri-Night 2/8/24

26 members and 1 guest attended.  Marium and Nas were our guest speakers from Pakistan and the Philippines respectfully.  We had 2 vegetarian Indian dishes, rice, salad, fruit salad, nun bread, and humus.  Jolene was our dessert queen!  She made a Pilipino cake, Pilipino ice cream, and brownies!!!  Some trivia and games followed before clean up! 

From Linda Shearer - It is a link to the Google photos app so you will have to log into your Google account to see and download them for the website or yourselves.

Annual Meeting 


25 members were present for the Annual Meeting.  All the food brought was delicious!  Information was presented about:  1.  World Conference 2. Our Website  3.  FFI Website  4.  Club terminology  5.  Committee Annual Reports.  Members were recognized for the number of years they have been in the club. 

Pictures from Linda Shearer: 

LEO - Exotic Thai


23 members (& 2 guests) had signed up for the LEO.  Despite the very snowy landscape and the extremely frigid temps, 14 members and 2 guests attended. 

Link to a photo album from Linda Shearer: 

Coffee Chat at Aroma on 1/5/24

17 Members attended for great conversation!!  A couple of newer members attended.  

Christmas Party 12/4/23

MON. 12/4. Annual Christmas Gathering Were you there as one of the 47 people at our Christmas party at the festively decorated Stern Center in Rock Island, IL. 

We were greeted at the sign in/payment table by Kathy and Paul Brown, club 

Treasurers. They were prepared to accept renewal dues, which made it really convenient for members to pay dues for next year. 

Gary Hammond helped us determine our Elf names from an alphabetical grid based on our initials. 

Mary Arnold and Jolene Route gave out red and silver jingle bells to attach to our name badges, getting us into the holiday spirit. Diane Nauman and Michelle Hammond prepared the dessert table. 

After gathering upstairs with cocktails, we played get-to-know-you games and Christmas song hints (really hard to guess!) and a Boggle like game using the letters in the word SNOWFLAKE until the buffet was ready. We ate tender beef and delicious ham, hot side dishes, rolls, and salads.

Down on the main floor we enjoyed cake and special candies for dessert, along with coffee and ice water. The QC Ukulele Club

entertained us with Christmas carols and music from the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. The evening really livened up when Jane Ladwig and then Linda Shearer got up and danced to a Hawaiian song. Several others were inspired to dance to other tunes, and we even sang along with some of our favorite’s songs. It was a joyous celebration.


Link to more pictures taken by Linda Shearer:

LEO - Machine Shed on 11/29/23

 A nice turnout of about 16 members came to the dinner at The Iowa Machine Shed! We were seated at 2 round tables adjacent to each other.  Great food and conversation!

Tri - Night 11/9/23

30 members and 1 guest attended the activity at the Presbyterian Church. Information about an FFI Journey to Belgium was presented by Ginny Tudeen and Joan Hovey. Then information was presented by Judy Benson and Barb Jacobsen about their Journey to the International conference in Dubrovnik, Croatia and extension following the conference.


The meal consisted of chili and hotdogs along with supporting condiments. Dessert included apple crisp, pumpkin bars, and payday mix. Apple cider both hot and cold were the drinks. A chance to name our FFQC mascot traveler preceded the games that followed.

5th at 5  November

11/5/23. The 5th at 5.

By Ginny Tudeen


A new monthly activity is off and running! The first one was held October 5 in Diane Nauman’s lovely backyard. That one was sponsored by our energetic, creative Activity Committee. It was suggested our club might want to offer a 5th at 5 activity each month. Great idea! A sheet was circulated and several signed up. Joan Hovey, Eric Bruster and I signed up to plan for November 5. Twenty-one members joined us for an enjoyable evening. We broke into 3 groups of 7 to get better acquainted as we discussed a variety of questions such as: What has travel taught you about others and yourself, How might existing members of a group learn from those new to the group, etc. After the hard work of discussing these questions, we continued our conversations over bowls of chili, cornbread and brownies. Watch for more information for future 5th at 5 events in 2024.

Dinner on 10/14/23

10 FFQC members enjoyed dinner and drinks at The River House in Moline. The food and the conversations were so 'fulfilling' that we decided to stay there to visit and to plan the Black Box Comedy Show for early in 2024. 

Coffee Chat at the Coffee House 10/6/23

October's CC at The Coffee House served steaming drinks (and some 'goodies) to 12 of FFQC members. 

5th at 5:00 pm

The 5th @ 5:00 is a new activity for FFQC presented by the Activities Committee, and it was well attended by 15 people (14 members and 1 guest). The idea of this activity is for anyone in FFQC membership to be able to plan and host an event on the 5th of a month at 5:00 o'clock. These monthly activities can be held anywhere and can include anything in which the host has an interest and thinks that others may enjoy, as well. The activity can be anything------- carving pumpkins,, walking/hiking, meeting to just silently read together, meeting at a wine bar, game time, going to a movie, making an art piece, learning/playing a card game, singing, readers' theatre, teaching computer skills, just getting together to visit.......... A few people have joined together to host a monthly 5th @ 5:00. Pres Barb J. has offered to create a flyer with your info. All you'll need to do is to contact her with that. The remaining mnths for signing up to be a host/hostess are: Jan., Feb., April, May, Sept., and Nov. 2024. Please email to sign up for 1 or more of these months. 

2nd Annual Picnic 10/1/23

A beautiful day welcomed 23 people (21 members and 2 guests) to Middle Park Lagoon Pavilion for our 2nd Annual Intergenerational Picnic. There was lots of good food, conversation and laughs, and some lawn games. 

New Member Ice Cream Social 9/10/23

23 people (17 members and 6 guests) attended the first ever ice-cream social in the yard of Diane Nauman. The weather was perfect (sunny and beautiful) as were the 3 offered ice-cream flavors with numerous, tempting toppings! Pres. Barb Jacobsen gave an overview of FFQC and several members talked about past journey experiences. A good time was had by all! 

LEO at Jerry's in Le Claire, Iowa  9/9/23

7 members met to try this new venue in Le Claire, IA, and they reported a 'thumbs up' to a return visit. 

Long Island Inbound Journey – August 9-14, 2023

14 people came to the Quad Cities in the Long Island Club!  The 5 days we hosted them were filled with many activities:  Tri Night, Isabelle Bloom, Figge Art Museum, Celebration Belle, John Deere Commons, Palmer House, Music Guild, Herbert Hoover, and other small experiences!!  Our guests really enjoyed our “small town” with a big feel (not as much traffic!!).  They were impressed by what the Quad Cities had to offer!  Whities ice cream was a hit with some of the ambassadors who went back multiple times!!  Sweet corn was another favorite!!  We met Central Iowa Club (Ames) in the Amanas to have a meal and pass along our ambassadors to them!

A big thank you to:

Jim Saul as the Journey Coordinator!  His detailed planning made for a flawless journey! 

Dea Saul for preparing the delicious meal for Tri Night!

The Tri Night committee of Donna Johnson, Jolene Roete, Deb Steele, Joan Hovey, and Janet Coogan for helping prepare, serve, and clean up at Tri Night!

Linda Shearer for producing our beautiful Journey Booklet!

Kathy and Paul Brown for being the treasurers for the journey!

Home Hosts:  Barb Jacobsen, Lois Boyer, Mary Arnold, Janet Coogan, Kathy + Paul Brown, Jim + Dea Saul, Ginny Tudeen, and Joan Hovey.

Day Hosts:  Trish Shabunas, Eric Bruster, Jane + Larry Ladwig, Jeanne + Bill Kimler, Diane Nauman, Carol Schmidt

Dinner Hosts:  Harry Hoyt, Lois Boyer, Donna Johnson;  Judy Benson + Mike Hoenig;  Michelle + Gary Hammond;  Deb Steele, Diane Nauman;  Jeanne + Bill Kimler.

The Journey Committee of:  Jane + Larry Ladwig, Jeanne + Bill Kimler, Carol Schmidt, Mary Arnold, Jim Saul, and Lois Boyer for helping with the Journey preparation!

As you can see, it takes a village, and we are so fortunate to have so many willing participants in our club!!

Here is a link to a few pictures of our ambassadors taken by Linda Shearer at Tri Night:

7/27/23  Blue Heron Eco Boat Cruise out of Rock Creek Marina, Camanche.  12 people braved the hottest day of the week/year to attend the pontoon boat ride along the backwaters and the main channel of the Mississippi. A canopy on top of the boat kept us out of direct sunlight but we were all prepared with hats and sunscreen!  It was fun to see wildlife from the river’s perspective. 

7/18/2023  LEO at Sippis in Davenport, Iowa.  11 people came including a guest!  Much talking and eating occurred!  Afterwards, some walked over to the Figge to see the exhibits, including “Charlie Brown”.

MON. 6/26 Club Activity 10:00 AM at Palmer Hills Putting Course 2999 Middle Rd. Bettendorf.  A challenging 18 putting holes humbled us all very quickly!  Some were much better than others but fun was had by all!!  Lunch at the Palmer Hills Grill followed. 


WED. 6/7 Club Activity 11:15 AM. 

DRUMS ALIVE & LUNCH at Senior Star 4502 Elmore Davenport, IA. Free. Coordinate/enhance right and left brain learning/understanding with stability balls, drumsticks, and music with a certified Senior Wellness instructor, followed by a healthy lunch. FUN had by ALL! 

Day Trip to Kewanee:  May 25, 2023

21 people climbed on board the bus and we headed to Kewanee.  Our first docents showed us around town at the different murals painted on the walls.  Lunch followed at Cernos.  Our next destination was the Kewanee historical building.  It had 3 floors of memorabilia.  On the bus again to go to the Woodland Palace in Francis Park.  A marvel of engineering!  Sunnyfield Greenhouse and Garden Center was our next stop where several bought a few pretty plants.  On our way out of town, we drove into Johnson’s Sauk Trail to view the Round Barn.   Our last stop before getting on the interstate was in Annawan at the Coop where everyone enjoyed a scoop of ice cream 

THURS. 5/11 Tri-Night. 

4:30-8:00 PM Bettendorf Presbyterian Church

Our speakers were Kaloyan Gerasimov from Bulgaria and Opi (Atika Amin) from Bangladesh. We ate sloppy Joes, salad, chips, and dessert. Games rounded out the evening! 


(Outbound Domestic Journey to FF Milwaukee)

By Lois Boyer

Were you there at the FFQC on Tuesday April 18th when nine FFQC ambassadors loaded into cars and headed to Milwaukee? Included in our group was Diane Borcherding and Judy Benson who were on their first journey (yeah!!)


We met our hosts in Waukesha, WI at a historic stone home owned by Bob Mitchell, our FFQC Regional Representative. The journey was busy--highlights include attending Art in Bloom at the Milwaukee Art Museum, visiting the Black Holocaust Museum, and attending a play at the beautiful Milwaukee Rep Theater.


But as usual the best highlight was meeting new friends and forming immediate bonds. A serendipitous visit to an Intergenerational Care Center was extremely meaningful. It's the only such model in the country combining children with adults needing assistance. It was such a privilege to see the loving care all around us. There were two centers in Milwaukee. We visited the one that focused on African American children. The African American decor throughout the center provided a respite for the children. Of course, we found a gift shop which sold high end African American products. Jane is displaying one of the purchases.


Another wonderful location we visited were the Domes – 3 large bubbles housing a desert environment, a tropical environment, and a seasonal environment. They even had a plant titled, Chocolate Pudding Plant!!


The two historical houses we visited were amazing! One had a German-style with a lot of wood, leather, marble, and an actual one-lane bowling alley in the basement! The other house was a Mediterranean style house with a court yard and very grand rooms.


And then it was Friday AM and again we piled in cars and came home, filled with great memories of Milwaukee and our new friends.

To view more pictures: 


Thursday, February 9, 2023

26 FFQC members and a couple of guests met at the Bettendorf Presbyterian Church for a night of fun!  

1.  Cultural information by Mille from the Philippines and Neo from Albania.  Both were excellent speakers from which we learned a lot about their cultures.

2.  We ate!!  2 different types of soup, salad, bread, and of course dessert were on the menu.

3.  We played a couple of games.  We started with a dice rolling game.  A 7, 11, or 3 doubles allowed a person to take a bag of candy.  It could only be stolen 3 times before it became the last stealer's property.  This game was followed by some coin flipping and dice challenges by the tables.

More images: 

LEO - Red Lobster

Tuesday, January 24, 2023

19 FFQC members met at the Red Lobster on Kimberly Road, Davenport to enjoy lunch and good conversation!  Linda and Don Shearer provided chocolate covered cherries for dessert and we sang happy birthday to Pauline Antons who just turned 97 years young!!  Fun was had by all!!

2022 Christmas Party!!

Monday, December 5, 2022

Were you there at the FFQC Christmas party? It was held at a new location, at the Stern Center in Rock Island, Illinois on Monday, December 5, 2022. We had 44 paid meals with 8 being guests!

Dinner on the mezzanine was served buffet style and included roast beef, ham, and six side dishes. Drinks included coffee (regular& decaf) and lemonade. Then we competed in trivia by table and did a right/left reading game to win the centerpiece bag of candy prize before going down to the main floor to enjoy our entertainment by the Quad City Ukulele Club. They played Christmas carols beneath the stunning crystal chandelier, inviting us to sing along. Then came rock n roll, country and more. During a Johnny Cash song, Linda Shearer brought out her husband’s new black full length trench coat from Texas and he put it on. Then they danced to the man in black music. Don’s black leather hat was from their first FFQC journey down under (Australia). The night concluded with dessert of peppermint ice cream with fudge sauce!! Everyone looked so festive and sparkly!!!

Click on this link to see more photos: 

Annual Club Meeting 2022

Sunday, October 23, 2022

23 members attended the Annual Meeting held at the Bettendorf Presbyterian Church on Sunday, October 23, 2022.  Everyone brought an hors d’oeuvre to share.  Yum!!  Jim Saul gave a presentation titled, “Transformation of American Agriculture”.  He gave this presentation at the opening breakfast for our Farm to Table Journey, which was received so well, that we asked him to do it again for our club!!  Another marvelous job!!  Lois provided popcorn for everyone to enjoy during the presentation and then presented Jim with an ear of corn tree ornament as a thank you!!  Following his presentation, Barb went over the committee reports and showed aspects of our website on the big TV. 

Celebration Belle Fall Foliage Cruise

Saturday, 10/22/22

Saturday, October 22, 2022, was the day for the Fall Foliage Cruise on the Celebration Belle.  It departed at 11 am and returned at 3 pm.  14 of our club members partook in this cruise.  A morning snack of fruit and a cinnamon roll, live music with dancing, strolls on the deck, lunch included 2 salads, carrots, mashed potatoes, roll, and chicken, locking through at Lock and Dam 14, and the scenery were some of the hi-lights that were enjoyed! 

LEO at the Bier Stube in LeClaire, Iowa

Thursday, October 20, 2022

It was a gorgeous day to eat at the Bier Stube in LeClaire by the river!  12 club members came and ate good food but had better conversation!

First Annual Picnic

Sunday,  October 9, 2022

Our 1st intergenerational picnic was held at the Bettendorf Lagoon.  22 people were in attendance on a beautiful, sunny day!!  Lots of food, games, and conversation were had by all!

Quebec City Journey

September 22-29, 2022

5 people from FFQC and 10 others from around the country traveled to Quebec City for a 7 day host stay!  Their club is small but mighty!  Some shifting of hosting locations shifted during the week but all the hosts were so gracious!!  We saw Old Quebec City, The Plains of Abraham, The Citadel, a beautiful botanical display, waterfalls, an island with wine tasting, and an Indian history tour where we made dream catchers.  Croissants and other pastries were delicious!  Poutine, beaver tails, and smoked meat were other Canadian favorites.  New friends were made!  Please see some of the pictures by clicking on the link: 

LEO lunch - Lemon Grass Cafe

Saturday, 8/27/22 

The wall of oversized Thailand photos set the mood for the 11 members attending who enjoyed dishes such as pad thai (noodles with vegetables and chicken), pineapple fried rice, coconut shrimp, cream cheese wonton, coconut milk soup, shrimp with vegetables and Jasmine rice, and more.

The Activities Committee plans some LEOs in Illinois and some in Iowa; some scheduled for lunch and some for evening meals; some midweek and some on Saturdays, to allow all a chance to attend, to accommodate working and retired members.


   By Barb Jacobsen


The Deer-Wiman Carriage House was the location for the Farewell Dinner for the Farm to Table Journey. It began with a panel of farmers that Jane Ladwig invited: one raised alpacas, a couple raised day lilies, and one was a widowed lady running a farm. (Thank you, Jane Ladwig!)

For food, we had pulled pork and chicken from Smokin’ Butt Barbeque, watermelon, baked beans, Sun chips, applesauce, and our own Quad Cities Whitey’s ice cream with a

After dinner, we had an hour of square dancing with caller, Doug Sprosty. Besides learning some square dance moves, he taught us a line dance. The evening continued with each visiting club sharing about their clubs. At the very end, all circled up and sang our friendship song, “Let There Be Peace On Earth!” I get goose bumps every time!! Wearing cowboy hats, Western shirts and boots, Don and Linda Shearer would have won if we would have given out awards for the best Western look! They also handed out Western bandanas to help get folks into the mood for square dancing. 



By Ginny Tudeen


On Tuesday, August 16 the wheels on the bus went round and round all the way to the State Fair. This was part of the Farm to Table Special Journey.


A total of 33 club members, friends and Ambassadors boarded the bus at the Bettendorf Presbyterian Church and left the Quad Cities at 7:00 AM. We returned at 8 PM. 

Yes, it was a long day, but it allowed us to take advantage the wide variety of activities offered all over the fair grounds. I don’t think a single person in our group missed seeing the famous butter cow plus, many other items sculptured out of butter. The day was filled with interesting things; animal barns, watching judging, horses prancing around the arena pulling decorated carts, 4-H building, outside stage shows, etc. It was impossible to see it all, but we gave it a good try. Sampling typical fair food was a highlight. I thoroughly enjoyed a delicious corn dog on a stick.  I also bought 2 tubs of melt- in-your- mouth chocolate chip cookies, which my grandson had told me was an absolute must! (I did share with him and others.) We were dropped off and picked up at the front gate.  No parking headaches or lost vehicles, thanks to the bus transportation. We enjoyed a day of perfect weather that day, too. Who could ask for anything more?



By Lois Boyer


The Farm to Table Inbound Special Journey was a big success! 14 Ambassadors arrived in the QC on August 11, 2022, to begin the Farm to Table Journey. There were 9 Ambassadors from the USA: 4 from Denver, CO, 2 from Columbia, MO, and 1 each from Enterprise, Oregon, Round Rock, TX, and Newington, CT. There were 5 Ambassadors from Canada: 2 from Winnipeg and 3 from Quebec City.


Upon arrival, everyone enjoyed a festive Tri-Night Welcome. The Welcome Breakfast was held at the Iowa Machine Shed. We are forever grateful to Jim Saul who introduced the Farming theme with a very informative power point presentation on Farming in Iowa.


Each day was packed with many activities. Favorites included the bus trip to the State Fair (boy did we luck out on the weather), Cinnamon Ridge Robotic Dairy, the excellent but gruesome Jekyll and Hyde at Quad City Music Guild, and the Davenport Farmer’s Market. The Ambassadors had to complete a survey before getting dessert at the Farewell Dinner—pretty clever!!


On the 18th, everyone departed—it actually seemed sort of quiet. New friends were made by all!  Now a little breakdown on club involvement. Eleven members hosted Ambassadors in their homes. Ten members were involved with dinner hosting. Three people were available for day hosting. Twelve die hard people served for three years on the Journey Committee Planning Committee. Linda Shearer created a terrific souvenir journey booklet. Jane Ladwig organized a lovely bag embroidered with the Farm to Table theme and assembled the Farm Panel. Ginny Tudeen and Jeanne Kimler completed the matches for home and dinner hosting.  Paul and Kathy Brown were the Journey treasurers and helped us remain in the black. Barb Jacobsen was my assistant and did everything. Ginny Tudeen came very close to filling the bus and we made some money.

Fifty percent of our members participated in some way during the journey. It was definitely a group effort. Also, eight new members contributed in a variety of ways. That makes it a win-win not only for the Journey but for FFQC. A huge thank you everyone!! Lois

 A digital photo album for Ambassadors and hosts to share their photos with others is at   

Tri-Night on August 11, 2022 that began our Farm to Table Special Inbound Journey 

Our first hour we heard speaker Ann McGlynn from Tapestry Farms. She explained how their non-profit worked to meet the needs of refugees to our area. Our club made Tapestry Farms our service project and took up a collection on their behalf.


The second hour involved eating corn on the cob, sloppy joe sandwiches, applesauce, Sun chips, and ice cream with salted caramel oatmeal cookies.  The corn and the cookies were purchased from the Bettendorf Farmers’ Market. 

The third hour involved playing games. Each table was a team and tried to accomplish the tasks given as quickly as possible.  It was a great first night of the Journey!!  

All Iowa Friendship Force Picnic

June 25, 2022

The Annual All IA FF Picnic on June 25, 2022, was hosted by our club this year. The picnic was attended by 32 people representing members of Quad Cities, Des Moines, Ames, and Cedar Rapids clubs. In addition, our new Regional Director, Bob Mitchell, from the FF Milwaukee, WI club was introduced.

 Due to rainy weather, the location was moved from Duck Creek Park in Davenport to the Bettendorf Presbyterian Church.

 The event started with a 50 question Trivia game about the state of Iowa. The team prizes were various types of M&Ms. We each had a Chick-Fil-A lunch box with a chicken sandwich, chips, and a gourmet cookie, supplemented with vegetables and Ranch dip. Bottled water with flavored powders quenched our thirst. Barb led us in reading the Friendship Force pledge.

 Donald and Linda Shearer manned the sign in table. Each person was assigned a table in order to provide the best mix of the various clubs at each table. A colored bandana based on the club location, was given to wear as a souvenir of the event.

 Dale Moore of FF Cedar Rapids has been the Regional Director for the past 4.5 years and recently retired from the position. We sure appreciate all he did to keep us informed and connected! He was a steady captain during the uncertain times of the pandemic. We welcomed Bob Mitchell, co-president of the Milwaukee, Wisconsin Club, as our new Regional Director. He requested to help him with this important job as he learns the ropes.

 Barb Jacobsen coordinate the games which included passing a penny on a spoon around the table, tossing penny heads and tales, and various dice games.

 Then FFQC President Barb Jacobsen proposed a two day all Iowa FF mini journey. We broke up into our own clubs to brainstorm the best places in our local areas, as well as interesting activities and places to consider in transition to each of the four club locations.

 The day ended with us singing the club song, “Let There Be Peace on Earth.”

 Thanks to all who came early to help place FFQC signs inside and outside the new location, set up the tables with game supplies and table numbers, prepared the vegetable cups, loaned ice coolers for the bottled water, and to all those who stayed to clean up. Special thanks to Bill Kimler who drove to the original Duck Creek location to direct people to the new location in case they didn’t read their last minute email or text notices at 9 AM that morning. The three door prizes were Kindness Rocks painted by Linda and Donald Shearer.

Link to pictures: 

LEO - The Captain's Table

June 16, 2022

Were you there at the June 16, 2022 LEO supper held at The Captain's Table in Moline, IL? The consensus was that the food was delicious. On a day with nicer weather and less wind, the optional outdoor dining would have provided a beautiful view of the Mississippi River and the boats going out of the marina. Because of limited kitchen and serving staff, the restaurant would not reserve groups over 8 or 10 people at a time, so we were separated into various booths and tables. We did get a chance to visit with each other while waiting for our orders and after we ate. 

Day Trip to Kalona, Iowa

May 25, 2022

Were you there on the day trip to Kalona, Iowa on May 25, 2022? It was the FFQC’s first day trip since the COVID-19 pandemic reared its ugly head in March of 2020!

 Eight of us drove through the rain, meeting at the Kalona Visitor Center where we visited the historical quaint village of Kalona, IA. We enjoyed shopping for souvenirs while waiting for our personal tour guide, who gave us a custom tour of the Kalona area and countryside. The goat farm was a first for many. We learned about the methods used to train the goats to enter the milking barn in a somewhat orderly manner.

 We saw Amish Field Operations where the farmer showed us his new barn, and farm equipment for cutting hay. All his crops are now organic, which not only sells for more money but ensures the animal feed does not produce unwanted taste or odor to the final meat or milk products. He even pulled out his carriage and let us sit in it for photos! The home-cooked Mennonite family meal was superb: tender roast pork with gravy and dressing, mashed potatoes, green beans, fresh bread with homemade jams, salad and our choice of various pies. On the way out of town, some of us went shopping at the dairy for ice cream or fudge; some went to the local grocery store for Amish homemade noodles, bulk spices, and other goodies. Look for the next day trip email! 

Link to pictures taken: 

LEO - Clinton High School Court Café

Thursday, May 19, 2022

18 of us enjoyed a delicious 4 course meal prepared by Clinton High School Culinary Students!!  The 1st course was a round toasted bread with a cream cheese spread topped with fresh strawberries and balsamic drizzled around the edge.  2nd course was a bowl of minestrone soup.   3rd course was a boneless pork chop with green beans and dressing made with spinach all covered in a drizzle of pork gravy.  4th course was a choice of about 7 different pies with ice cream if desired.  Drinks were water and lemonade.  The food was delicious!!!

Link to pictures taken at the event:  Thank you!  Linda!! 

Tri-Night 5/12/22

Link to other photos taken that evening!  Thank you! Linda!! 

Coffee Chat at Aroma 

May 6, 2022

A fun time chatting, eating, and drinking coffee or other beverage of choice!

Senior Fair at Moline Township Building

April 22, 2022

Even though it was a rainy day, many people came to the Fair to check out all the booths!!  A big thank you to Ginny, Diane B, and Mike M for setting up our booth the day before.  Also, a big thank you to Larry L, Jane, Bill, Mike M, and Barb for manning the booth and sharing great information about our club to the participants!

Arthur's Garden Deli LEO (Let's Eat Out)!

April 21, 2022

15 FFQC members met at Arthur's Garden Deli to enjoy food and fellowship!  Thank you Activity Committee for arranging it!

Coffee Chat at the Coffee Hound - April 1, 2022

Great sunny morning to get together with 10 other Friendship Force people for good drinks and conversation!!  What a way to begin April!!

Tri Night - March 10, 2022

Part 1:  Our guest speakers were from Turkey and a Palestinian living in Israel.  The girls did a great job!!  

Part 2:  We enjoyed food from the Olive Tree!

Part 3:  We had table groups which competed in various activities to earn the most points and bragging rights!

Fun was had by all!!

Link to other photos taken that evening! 

Let's Coffee Out!!  First Gathering at the Coffee House in the East Village!

On Friday, March 4, 2022,  11 FFQCers met at the Coffee House in the Village of East Davenport to enjoy drinks and conversation!  

First Speaker's Bureau Speech 2022!

Barb J and Lois B attended the Bendix retirement lunch at the Machine Shed on Wednesday, March 2, 2022.  They fed us a nice lunch after which we shared information about Friendship Force of the Quad Cities.  Mike Middlemiss belongs to the group and will serve as a liaison for further questions.  

Barb tried to take a selfie with the group but missed part of them!  Lois found a friend!

Our First LCO (Let's Coffee Out)!!

Were you at our first monthly LCO (Let’s Coffee Out) on Feb. 17, 2022?

We enjoyed fun conversations, laughter, and warm beverages at Aroma Coffee and Café (inside of Green Thumbers). Many chose to 'indulge' in tempting pastries, as well!  

Did you know that two new members attended, and one guest signed up for FFQC there?  We're a force of growing friends! Save the first Friday of the month on your calendars for FFQC LCOs.

FFQC Christmas Party December 6, 2021!!

The annual Christmas Party was held at Bettendorf Presbyterian Church with 43 in attendance!  30 were members with 8 guests and 5 choir guests.  Ham was the main dish with lots of yummy sides and desserts to compliment!  

Our entertainment was provided by the 1st Presbyterian Chamber Chorale directed by Matt Bishop.

The Activities Committee did a fabulous job of decorating, serving food, and cleaning up!!

Also, a thank you for VP Lois for her great job of being the hostess!! 

Tri-Night - Pakastan and India on November 11, 2021

Part 1:

Deekshith Alluri

from India


Syed Hamzauddin.

“Hamza” from Pakistan

These 2 young men were our guest speakers!  They did an excellent job of sharing their cultures with 20 members and 16 guests!

Part 2:

We ate Buttered Chicken and Naan bread from an Indian restaurant called Mantra in Davenport, Iowa.  The meal was supplemented with green salad and pumpkin bars with ice cream!

Part 3:

4 games were set up around the fellowship hall for all to rotate through and play!

FFQC Annual Meeting October 24, 2021 and 40th Year Celebration!!

The Annual Meeting was held at the Bettendorf Presbyterian Church at 5:30 pm.  A short business meeting was held before hors d'oeuvres were brought and shared with all.  Afterwards, we celebrated our 40th Anniversary with a group photo and cake.

Tri-Night - China with Judy Hahm

September 16, 2021

Judy Hahm, her daughter, and a friend, came to share history of China.  She taught throughout the night, first sharing a power point presentation, then tidbits about food while we ate, and then a matching worksheet of Chinese characters to english words.

We ate Chinese food and then finished the evening with a game - Tenzie

All Iowa Picnic

Sunday, September 19, 2021

Jane and Larry Ladwig, Ginny Tudeen, and Barb Jacobsen traveled to Des Moines to participate in the All Iowa Picnic hosted by the Des Moines FF Chapter.

The shelter by the lake was beautiful but windy!  We enjoyed picnic food and good conversation!

Take Your Chances!!

July 7, 2021

A roll of a dice determined with which part of the meal a person began.  The number 1 got a spoon.  Some were lucky and got their spoon early but others got it last!!

Steve Earp gave Part 2 of some history of the Quad Cities.  Very interesting!!

History of Bettendorf with speaker, Steve Earp.

May 27, 2021

Verla won the toilet paper roll for winning a scavenger hunt earlier in the year.

Gathering in the Church Parking Lot

April 27, 2021 at Noon

Everyone brought a sack lunch during which we shared things we had done during the Pandemic.

We then got in groups to answer Trivia Questions.  All received chocolate kisses for their efforts!!

LEO (Let's Eat Out) held at Biaggi's on 2/27/20

Christmas Party 2019

The Moline Boy's Choir performed as our entertainment at the Ben Butterworth Center.

Dinner was enjoyed before the show.

QCFF Journey to Cottbus and Varel 2019.pptx

FFQC Journey to Cottbus and Varel Germany with extensions to Iceland and Berlin 2019